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Do acrylics have a limited future?

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“Do you think acrylic nails have a limited future now that products have moved on and there are better solutions for nail enhancements?”

I’m afraid I cannot answer this with any fact-based evidence so I can only answer with an opinion.

By ‘acrylic’ I will assume you mean L&P (as all nail coatings are acrylic-based). No, I don’t believe L&P has a limited future. That is unless ALL acrylates have a limited future!

The UK and other countries are suffering an ‘allergy epidemic’ and the majority of these allergies come from UV cured coatings. This is for many reasons, e.g poor education and understanding, and poor quality formulations. Once an allergy exists, the chances are that the person can no longer wear this type of product. This is because an allergy is, usually, for life.

If this occurs, and individuals still want coated and/or enhanced nails, there are many solutions in the L&P system. EMA (the commonly used and best monomer in the system) is not high on the allergen list, although it is still an allergen. But if the application ratio is correct (typically, medium dry) and doesn’t touch the skin, reactions are rare.

High allergenic ingredients in UV cured coatings are already banned in the retail market. So the regulators are aware of the problem! 
To clarify again, this is an opinion based on the wider picture, and not based on any available facts.

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