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Wearing sunscreen, can this lead to service breakdown?

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If a client has lotion or sunscreen on prior to their service. Can the client have service breakdown issues? I also heard techs say that proper prep should eliminate the lotion or sunscreen completely.


When a client enters the salon, they should first wash their hands with soap and water, this will remove most dirt and oils and more importantly, pathogens that could cause a problem if they get trapped between the nail product and the nail plate.

If you remove the cuticle with a good quality oil your client will then have to wash their hands again with soap and water. Prep the nail plate as required for the service and you should have no problems at all.

Sometimes a brand will instruct you to remove the shine from the nail plate, instead of doing that with a file, scrub the nail plate well with a good quality cleanser, fold your lint free pad once in the length and again in the width into the shape of a nail and scrub well and you should have no problems at all.

After the service, wash the hands again with soap and water then replenish the skin with a good oil and lotion & sunscreen as required.

Check out the series we did below on product lifting – and check with an educator of the brand you are using to make sure you are following all the steps necessary to provide a good nail service with the longevity expected.

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