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How do I clear up nail bed hyperkeratosis?

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How do I clear up nail bed hyperkeratosis?


How do I clear up nail bed hyperkeratosis?


Hyperkeratosis is a reaction of skin cells in the nail bed and or the lower 10% of nail plate cells to an irritation – the cause is 99% a solvent, primer, or uncured ingredients in an artificial nail product

Stop using whatever caused the hyperkeratosis in the first place, if in doubt remove all artificial nail products.

Hyperkeratosis can be dealt with in a specific way. It needs to be softened to take the pressure away between the nail plate & the nail bed.

1: Soap & water to cleanse the hands & nails
2: A safe callous softener (there is a really good one on the market that will also care for the healthy skin)
3: A good quality nail oil
4: A hand lotion containing Urea (at 10%)

This needs to be done 4-5 times a day and the offending solvent needs to be found.

Depending on the damage, and or products used in recovery it can take up to 6 months to recover the nail unit – it could be that the damage is so significant that the nail plate will be lost, but in any case making sure no other pathogens get into the open space that hyperkeratosis causes is paramount!

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Nail Bed Hyperkeratosis
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