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UV gel polish thinner

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UV gel polish thinner and how to use it


Can you please tell me if I can use UV gel polish thinner to thin out my UV gel polishes, base, and top coat?


You can, but I don’t recommend it. You’ll never restore these products back to their original condition. The added solvents will most likely affect how the product cures and could lower the long-term durability of the coating. That’s why I never developed a UV gel polish thinner during all my years in product development. It is far better to prevent evaporation from occurring in the first place, rather than to fix the product. How? Tightly replace the cap on the product container when you’re done using it.  If the cap isn’t tight, solvents can slowly escape which allows the product to slowly thicken in the container.

Don’t let the polish dry or accumulate in the threads around the neck of the bottle or inside the cap. If the product hardens in the treads, this prevents a tight seal which can allow solvents to slowly escape. If the manufacturer of the UV gel product directs you to use a thinner, use only the thinner they recommend and no other. Remember, when it comes to the use of thinners, less is more! Avoid using more thinner than is absolutely needed. Finally, I don’t think a brand of thinners should be sold for use with any product. In my opinion, manufacturers can’t really know how the thinner will affect other manufacturers’ UV gels, and likely they don’t really care. They just want you to buy their thinner. Buyer Beware!

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