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Lichen Planus. What do I do?

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Lichen planus. What do I do?

Question: I have a client that suffers from an autoimmune disease called Lichen Planus. What do I do? It is not heard of much. Can you please help with how it can affect the nail growth; and the use of nail products ie; can it affect the adhesion of nail products such as hard gels, BIABs, gel polish, and acrylics? How can I help my client, as she always loses nails?

Answer: Lichen Planus is probably more common than you think, and is sometimes mistaken for an allergic reaction.
It can affect the nails as well as the skin, and a flare-up can happen at any time. A flare-up can be caused by allergens on the skin (and many other causes). In effect, both the nails and skin are not healthy so it is not in your professional remit to provide any nail service, plus the nail products could be one of the causes and not helping to calm it down.

I’m sorry as this is probably not what you want to hear!
Your client needs to be using creams prescribed by her doctor and not much else. I’m sure a good nail oil on her nails will help, but it needs to be one with very few potential allergens. Maybe her nails could take a nail polish but I really wouldn’t recommend using anything else. Maybe not even those during a flare-up.

There is very little you can safely do. Sorry, I can’t give you any good news.

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