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Calluses and corns

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What are calluses and corns and what causes them?

Calluses are thickened epidermis and corns are smaller calluses, often deep and painful, which appear mostly on fingers. They can only appear in the areas of so called “thick” skin – soles and palms, where epidermis has more layers than the rest of the skin. Calluses are a normal physiological response to prolonged pressure, excessive friction or chemical and infectious irritations. The pathology forms of calluses occur when they become painful due to the neuritis (inflammation or injury) of the skin’s nerves and nerve endings.

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How can nail technicians help?

Normally they don’t require any special treatments unless the condition becomes painful and associated with the neuritis of the skin nerves.

Treating a callus is part of a nail technician‘s routine during every pedicure service and is common hygiene practise. Thickened dead skin can be a source of infection; it is important to remove the majority of it, but not all, as removing the callus completely can leave the skin unprotected and lead to inflammation. Calluses should be removed carefully to avoid irritating the underlying soft tissues. Painful calluses or corns should be treated by foot specialists or doctors.

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