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Gel on toes?

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gel on toes


I’ve been hearing that “Gel on toes should be left on no more than a month”. Is this correct? I use a system where I file off the colour to the base so I don’t then have to re roughen the natural nail, and I can check the health of the nail at each appointment. While I recommend clients come back once a month they don’t always keep the appointment.


Toes are less sensitive to allergic reactions but it is still important that the health of the nails and skin is checked regularly. As long as the nails can be seen through a coating (such as gel on toes) this aspect will be covered.
As for scheduled appointments, a month would be the best client advice which should be noted on their record card. Although less sensitive to allergies, they are more sensitive to other types of infections. However, you can only advise best practices.

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