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To pinch the nail enhancement or not?

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to pinch the nail enhancement or not

Question: I bought a tool that allows me to pinch in the sidewalls of the nail enhancement before it cures to get a deeper C-curve. Is this ok, or can pinching like this cause problems down the road?

Answer: Pinching is a nail competition technique that some use every day, but I don’t recommend doing this. Pinching in the side walls before the product cures will force the center of the nail coating to pull the nail plate upward. When the product cures, this locks the nail plate into this new position; creating a constant upward tugging on the nail bed, pulling the nail plate away from the bed.

This tugging can place excessive tension on the nail bed tissue and result in causing the nail plate to separate from the nail bed, a condition called onycholysis. If you are using this type of technique and your clients are experiencing nail plate separation from the nail bed, you should immediately suspect this technique is the cause, and discontinue pinching the sidewalls.  Also, if the client’s nail beds become sore or sensitive to touch, you should suspect that this constant tugging is the reason.  A little pinching may be ok, but if your clients nail plate develops any of these symptoms, that means you are probably pinching too much.   
Use caution and protect the natural nail!

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