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How do I work on a client with type 2 diabetes?

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How do I work on a client with type 2 diabetes?

Question: What adjustments would you make to perform a gel manicure and gel/polish toes on a client with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure? I’m aware sharp tools shouldn’t be used but what could be used as a safer alternative?

Answer: Yes, you do need to avoid sharp tools when working on someone with type 2 diabetes. There are many very effective cuticle removers available. These are so good that just an orange stick can be used to remove the loose cuticle

When using files, make sure you have removed the sharp edges so it will be impossible to ct the skin while filing.

Heat is another issue. If you are using a foot soak, make sure it is cool/warm. Also, with UV Gel Polish curing, use very thin layers so there is no possibility of a heat spike.

Only the very gentlest massage if provided, avoiding any lymph drainage.

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