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Can acrylic be used under full coverage tips?

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There is a new trend of putting acrylic under full coverage tips the question is can the acrylic fully cure under the tip? No air can get to it so can polymerization fully complete without the evaporation of any excess monomer? How do the ends of the polymerized chains complete? Do they fully react to heat or is air needed? Thank you for your consideration my colleagues and I together hold a rather large audience on tic tok and do not want to give out information that could lead to allergies. Or dermatitis.


This answer is my logical thinking on the question.

Oxygen inhibits polymerisation (hence the sticky layer on the surface of UV-cured gel). There is no reason to suspect this technique should cause any more issues other than leakage that touches the skin.

Many UV gel brands are using this as a new system but none of the L&P brands is which, to me, would suggest they are not confident in the success of it.

Monomer does not need to evaporate. If the ratio is correct then it should all be used up in the polymerisation. It is only when the ratio is wrong that some are left over to get trapped in the coating.

I hope this helps. My suggestion is don’t try to be a chemist. listen to the trusted manufacturers.

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