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What is the correct method for applying a ‘BIAB’ type product?

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Question: Having always been taught to apply a ‘biab’ type product in 3 layers and cure fully between each layer. I am now seeing educators and ambassadors applying in 1 layer. Surely this would result in uncured product and would void my insurance as it goes against the manufacturer’s instructions? Am I correct in thinking this? Please advise?

The way to ensure ‘proper curing’ has always been to apply thin. Thin – building layers. Hence the title of ‘Builder’. The thicker the layer the more chance of ‘under-curing’ and also ‘heat spike’.

A properly trained Educator should be teaching the correct method for the specific brand. But, for some brands, this doesn’t always happen.

Plus, not every client needs 3 layers. This could result in a coating that is too thick for their underlying nail plate. The coating should always break, in the event of an accident, instead of the nail plate. A coating that is too thick can result in the loss of a nail plate.

Understanding the science and the condition of the nail plate is key.

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