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Press on nails, allergic reaction healed, can I try gel again?

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Allergic reaction healed, can try gel again


I read recently that if you cure properly you will not have a reaction. Does this mean a person who has an allergic reaction (nail lifting) who is now healed can once again try gel polish ensuring they cure it properly?


The problem is that some products have such a high % of allergens it is impossible to properly cure and the allergens can leech out!

The product is still in contact with the nail plate and, if not properly cured, can leach out through the nail plate,

If you are curing a UV cured gel through a press on nail, then double cure as the nail can inhibit the effect of the UV energy by 20%.

There is no simple answer for those with an allergy!

The only one answer for them is to have a dermatological patch test to see exactly which ingredient they are allergic to and then avoid it, for life.

Press on nails could be used if they are adhered using an adhesive that does not contain their allergen. Many nail products contain the same ingredients so this is a gamble!

Be sure to read this interesting article where we discuss press on nails as being an good alternative.

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Are press on nails a good alternative?
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