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Autoclave use

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Autoclave use in nail salons


I have a page on Instagram and a follower called my attention when she saw me putting up a little piece of cotton around my cuticle nippers after it was well disinfected with CAVICID. Is that wrong? I heard to put the cotton around it so the autoclave wouldn’t take off the cut efficiency. Am I wrong? She also said autoclaves are prohibited in California, and I do have one, and I use it every day! Is that right, too?


I don’t think there is anything wrong with what you’re doing with the cotton but I don’t think it is necessary. An autoclave, even at high temperatures, shouldn’t affect steel.
I don’t think autoclaves are banned in California. In fact, they are required for electrolysis tools. But they must be registered and listed with the FDA. They are not required for nail salons, so there is a choice. However, any disinfectant used must be approved by the EPA, and of hospital grade.

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