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Nail Oil and Lifting

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Nail oil and lifting?


When nail oil is applied directly to a fresh nail enhancement will it cause lifting?


When the enhancement is properly applied, nail oil will not cause lifting.  Here’s why. Nail coatings form a tight seal with the nail plate and nail oils cannot get underneath. The benefit of nail oil comes from the natural oils that penetrate into the nail enhancement to increase plate flexibility and durability. Applied daily they can maintain the flexibility of the nail coatings and enhancements.  High-quality nail oils can also condition the surrounding living tissue. 

If there is pre-existing lifting or any separation between the coating and the nail plate, nail oils can cause the lifting to increase. They may wick underneath the coating to soften and weaken the adhesive bonds holding the coating to the nail plate. If lifting increases while using nail oils, that doesn’t mean you should discontinue their use.  Instead, it would be wise to reexamine your techniques to ensure you’re properly cleaning and preparing the natural nail surface, and properly curing. These are much more likely reasons for lifting.

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