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My client has chipping/loss of enhancement and I’ve never had this before?

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A specific client has a problem, but you’ve never had this before? So, let’s look at this.

Every individual client is different! Their nails are different from any others. Their lifestyle is different from any others. Why is this happening?

SO many posts on Facebook have this question and it is nearly always accompanied by ‘this hasn’t happened before’.

I really don’t want to make nail pros feel bad about their education, but this is what it is all about!

When you gain a new client your consultation is so important! Sometimes, it takes a couple of appointments to truly understand their nails and their lifestyle.

Your preparation will work on many clients but not on all! There are SO many situations that mean you need to change their preparation. Some nails are just not suited to some systems. It is your job to access the condition of the nails plus their lifestyle and recommend the RIGHT service for them.

Some nails are just not strong enough to hold onto a thin coating or enhancement. Some are bitten or very short and they want long enhancements.

Some nails need extra prep with a double ‘dehydration’ on 2 nails at a time.

Some lifestyles need an extra strong apex (in the right place).

Some clients just need to understand the importance of homecare.

Very often it is the case that it needs couple of appointments to understand what will work for a specific client.

Don’t be scared of your clients when they complain! If you had provided good education from the start, they will understand what you need to discover about them, their nail condition and their lifestyle.

If a clients service is not lasting (and you feel this is unusual) then you need to understand your clients nails and lifestyle more!

It is rare that ‘one size fits all’ BUT many good brands do provide all the options depending on the scenarios explained above.

Education and understanding is EVERYTHING! There is NO client that cannot be accommodated unless they have an unhealthy nail that you are not allowed to deal with. There is ALWAYS an answer.

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