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Quick-dry Nail Polishes?

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quick-dry nail polishes


I have 2 questions about the quick-dry nail polishes, please.
1) The one that I am using has acetone as one of its ingredients. Would the presence of acetone make the formula less stable, dry out nails (as it would act like a leave-on formula), and cause the nail polish to thicken up much quicker? I have noticed that this particular formula thickens up very quickly compared to others.
2) Quick-drying one-coat nail polishes – are they less durable on the nail? For hot/humid days, am I better off using regular nail polish (that dries well)?


All nail polish air dries by the evaporation of the solvents in the formulation. The ‘quick dry’ versions have a higher level of solvents to encourage faster drying. Every time they are opened there will be some evaporation so will thicken quite quickly.
Quick-dry nail polishes tend to be more brittle, therefore they are not as long-lasting. There is no reason they are more drying to the nails, as the evaporation will be quick and the solvents will not be left on the nails.

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