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Should we remove the rubber base from the nail plate?

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I have a question about metal cuticle pushers. I would like to know how dangerous it is to use a metal pusher vs a rubber pusher with cuticle I have a question about the rubber base. I have read many books but can’t find any information. Should we remove the rubber base from the nail plate or should we leave a small layer of it? When renewing the manicure. Can you answer me, please?


There is no definitive answer to this as it depends on a few factors.

The most obvious ones are:-

– if you are soaking off, as many rubber bases are soakable, they will come off naturally

– if you are e-filing off then it is also recommended to leave a thin layer to protect the nail plate from the e-file

As long as the layer is clear and there is no lifting there is no problem in leaving a thin coat.

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