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What is Dermatitis and what causes it?

Dermatitis is also known as eczema. The term represents a group of inflammatory skin diseases. In medicine, all terms with ending – TITIS – mean inflammations. Dermatitis can refer to any skin inflammation. Many unique factors may cause skin inflammations – biological, chemical, mechanical, physical and internal.

All forms of dermatitis effect the surface of the skin and there are common symptoms of inflammation – redness, swollen tissues, itchiness or pain. Inflammation of the nail matrix or nail bed is rare as the immune system of the nail prevents inflammation from developing.

Who does it affect?


How can nail technicians help?

Whilst nail technicians can’t treat dermatitis, it is highly recommended they understand causes and know the ingredients in their cosmetic products that could trigger or worsen the condition. Treatment depends on the inflammatory factor. For instance, if dermatitis develops due to allergies it can be cured by eliminating the allergen. However, other forms of the condition can become chronic and require regular prescribed medication from medical professionals.

A qualified and professional nail technician can help instigate the treatment process; if they can recognise contact dermatitis, allergic dermatitis and skin infectious dermatitis, especially in the early stages, they can advise a client to seek medical advice.

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