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Sometimes free edges are more clear after soak off?

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Question: I have a client who has regular soak of gel and reapplication (every 4 weeks). Her free edges are usually  white. After her last 2 soak offs, I’ve noticed her free edges are more clear (nails beds still pink and free edges strong). Should this be of any concern?

Exploring Changes in the Free Edge’s Appearance Post Gel Soak-Offs

The change in the appearance of your client’s free edges from white to more clear after gel soak-offs can be due to several non-concerning factors, including:

  • Hydration Levels: Nails can absorb water during the soaking process, which may temporarily change their appearance. Once fully dry, they should return to their usual color.
  • Natural Variations: Nail color and transparency can vary naturally over time and due to external factors like temperature and humidity.
  • Product Residue: There may be some remaining residue from the gel or soak-off solution affecting the nail’s appearance.

However, to ensure there is no underlying issue, consider the following:

  • Check for Damage: Ensure there are no signs of damage, such as thinning or brittleness, which could indicate over-filing or overuse of chemicals.
  • Monitor Consistency: Keep an eye on the nails over a few appointments. If the condition persists or worsens, it might be worth investigating further.
  • Consult a Professional: If in doubt, suggest your client consults a dermatologist or a professional nail technician for a thorough examination.

Overall, while the change in appearance is not necessarily a cause for concern, monitoring and ensuring the nails remain healthy is always a good practice.

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