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Pinching enhancements?

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Pinching nail enhancements

Question: Could you please give me a little information on pinching enhancements? There are so many conflicting opinions!

Answer: As mentioned previously, pinching enhancements can be tricky. Pinching the sidewalls inward forces the center of the enhancement to pull the nail plate upward. These upward forces are focused in the exact spot where the nail plate’s attachment to the nail bed is at its weakest.

This practice can lead to the separation of the nail plate from the nail bed (onycholysis). This may be considered an acceptable competition technique because no one wears their competition nails for very long. The more thoroughly someone pinches the sidewalls, the greater the risk of onycholysis.

If you are pinching a little, onycholysis is less likely. If you pinch a lot, onycholysis becomes more likely. Therefore, if you see any signs of onycholysis at all, this suggests that you are pinching too much. Some clients’ nails are highly prone to onycholysis. Older clients, for example, often have weaker attachments to the nail bed, so onycholysis occurs more easily. This is why I recommend that nail professionals use this technique with great caution.  Carefully monitor the nail plate and nail bed for any signs of detachment. Nail professionals should discontinue pinching the sidewalls if any onycholysis occurs.

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