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Some nail products claim to help the nail plate grow stronger. Is this a valid claim?

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Many are confused by “nail growth” claims.

The facts are, some of these claims are real and some are illegal. Why? There is a really big difference between “making” something grow and “helping” something to grow. All nail professionals, should clearly understand the difference.  For instance, if I put fertilizer on a plant, I “make” it grow faster.  If I put a fence around it to keep the rabbits from eating the plant, I “help” it to grow taller. There is a really big difference here. 

The first one changes or alters the way the plant would normally grow, while the second works by protecting the plant, so it can grow naturally.  It is illegal for cosmetics to claim that they MAKE the nail grow.  

Cosmetics are not allowed to change or alter the growth pattern or nails, hair or skin. Only drugs and foods can make these claims. Even so, cosmetics can “help” the nail plate to grow by making/keeping it in a stronger/tougher condition, which makes it more resistant to breakage. This is an important benefit that can allow the nail plate to survive daily rigors and to grow longer.

Watch for the term “helps grow longer” and avoid those who illegally claim to make the nail “grow faster”.  No cosmetic can claim to accelerate nail growth. If they do, that would make their product a misbranded drug. Words are important. A single word can make all the difference between a real benefit and a phony claim.

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