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What is Koilonychia and what causes it?

Koilonychia, also known as ‘spoon nails‘, is a condition in which the nails lose their convexity due to extreme thinning. The nails appear flat or spoon-shaped, which are thin and soft. The condition typically affects the nail matrix, nail bed and the nail plate. Usually, Koilonychia is a consequence of anaemia, syphilis or lichen planus (a rash normally associated with auto-immune diseases).

Who does it affect?

Individuals suffering from malnutrition or an iron deficiency, or another systemic condition.

How can a nail technician help?

The condition is a sign of internal systemic pathology and can only be treated by a medical professional.

Koilonychia does not prevent a client from having a manicure/pedicure so nail technicians can still perform either treatment, but it does need to be done gently.>

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