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A chemical burn?

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Question: In Doug Schoon’s books, he talks about ph levels in gel polish. He says that, because there is no water in gel polishes, there is no ph. I saw an article in the blog, there was a picture of a chemical burn from a rubber base. I wanted to ask, if there is no ph in gel polish, from what can a chemical burn be caused?

Answer: Doug Schoon is correct with regard to pH.
Firstly, I must explain that a ‘rubber base’ is not a product that is a problem. What is the problem is any base that has a high % of allergens OR it is applied in a coating that is too thick to properly cure (of course the correct UV lamp is crucial).
‘Chemical burn’ can be used as a general description used for a chemical that, when ‘over-exposed’ can cause redness, irritation, skin damage, etc. 
Obviously, acids or alkalis can cause a ‘burn’ that is often associated with heat as the results are similar.
It is a descriptive term that, while not necessarily totally accurate, does help many to understand that overexposure can create a similar effect on the skin.

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