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Is there such a thing as a safe gel manicure?

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Safe Gel Manicure


Hi, I’m concerned by the amount of information I’m seeing regarding allergies to acrylates and the risks that a client could develop an issue as a result of my work. Can you tell me if some of the newer products on the market, which claim to be free from many known trigger ingredients are a safer option when choosing a professional brand?  Is there such a thing as a safe gel manicure?


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One of the most common allergens is HEMA (hydroxy ethyl methacrylate) but there are plenty of others that anyone can react to.

HEMA free helps slightly but not if someone has already reacted as they can be allergic to many of the other ingredients.

The safest products are those that are used correctly and properly cured with a matching UV lamp and the correct amount of time under the lamp.

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