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Does using UV gel with full cover clear tips cure properly?

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This technique is becoming more popular and can be very efficient. 

As long as the ‘full cover tips’ are completely clear they will not block the UV energy from properly curing the UV gel coating that adheres them to the nail plate

What is very important though is, after the ‘flash cure’ with a UV lamp or torch, the whole hand is placed in the matched UV lamp for the full time recommended by the brand. The ‘flash cure’ is just to keep the tips in place while you hold them. Then the full and proper cure is achieved by the hand being in the UV lamp.

An extra precaution is to make sure that no UV gel touches the skin around the outside of the tip. If it does escape, immediately remove it with a brush dipped in IPA or an orange stick. 

If you’re experiencing a burning sensation during your UV gel application, you may want to check out our article on whether UV gels should burn like crazy for more information.

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