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Many nail products are volatile, meaning they evaporate easily at room temperature to create vapours, molecules of these nail product chemicals in the air, some (but not all) of which our noses will detect as odours.  As a large number of nail products are hazardous, flammable or contain allergens, it is best practice to try to minimise vapours within a salon or when working with clients.

Proper ventilation is key to creating a safe and comfortable working environment for nail technicians and clients; this can range from an open window to whole-salon air solutions. Good ventilation can help reduce the concentration of vapours in the air, with vapour extractors removing them. 

Safe, hygienic working procedures will avoid almost all vapours escaping into the air and combined with ventilation this will minimise the risks within your working environment.

While working, keep bottles and jars closed and dappen dishes covered at all times other than the few seconds when you are using them. If you use a paper towel or lint free wipe to clean your L&P brush dispose of the tissue in a metal bin with a lid often during the service. Wipe up spills immediately and put all wipes and cotton pads in the bin after use. Discard all unwanted solvents and nail monomers immediately, by soaking up with paper and placing them in a lidded bin.

Particular care must be taken by wearers of gas permeable contact lenses who may trap vapours behind their contact lens.

It is recommended that busy salons that use a lot of the liquid and powder system have an ‘at source’ vapour extractor or an air purifying unit specifically designed for this purpose. If an ‘at source’ extractor is used, it needs 2kg of activated carbon in its filters which will trap most of the unwanted vapours

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