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Should I get gel or dip nails?

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These are 2 different types of nail services. ‘Gel nails’ refers to nail coatings or enhancements using a UV gel range of products (and there are MANY on the market). There are many variations of UV gels. Some are flexible, some are harder wearing. Some come in natural colours; others come in a wide variety of colours.

Dip nails’ is a type of hybrid nail enhancement system.

Some use a cyanoacrylate base (similar too the fibreglass system) and some use a UV gel base. Once this applied and still wet or uncured, a coloured polymer powder is sprinkled onto the wet coating. The whole coating is cured, then shaped and then a top coat applied.

It can be quite a durable enhanced nail but does take longer to remove than other alternatives.

It is always best to take the advice of a skilled nail professional as to what is best for the individual.

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