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Is my nail polish suitable for me?

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Is my nail polish suitable for me?


A question about ‘body chemistry’ and regular nail polish. How do you know if a brand or formula is not suitable for you? In your blog about testing a new UV gel brand, you say “Try all of them on several different people. One is not enough! All nails are different.”


The two products have very different chemistry but your question can show similarities.
Preparation is key to any type of nail coating.
Adhesion characteristics are also key. This can depend on the strength and flexibility of the nail plate.
Nail polishes are designed to last 5-7, maybe 10, days. If it doesn’t, then it isn’t the right one for that type of nail, or the client is not good at looking after their nails.
Quick-drying ones can be more brittle (as explained previously) so may not suit a flexible nail plate and vice versa.
All nails are different but choosing a brand that suits most nail conditions is best. Then the prep may just need to be slightly adjusted for individuals.

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