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How did I get an allergy to gel?

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How did I get an allergy to gel? blog thumbnail

Question: I have recently developed an allergy to gel and acrylics. Is this going to last forever? How did I get it and why did it happen? I think I’m doing everything I’m supposed to. That being said, I do my own nails at home. I get very itchy cuticles and I get a rash on my body which is extremely itchy. Any insight you can give me would be helpful.

Answer: The allergies situation around the world is growing and becoming more serious every day. Evidently, the main reasons are products that are not following health & safety regulations, and people who are not following manufacturer’s guidelines. This is why it is extremely important to meticulously check the products you use (ingredient lists, licenses, etc.), and have the proper training to use them.

The main things to remember are:
-Nail coating products must NEVER touch the skin.
-Nail systems should be used as systems. Do not “cherry-pick” your products, and always match your system with the correct UV lamp that will properly cure your products.

Having said that, if you are already experiencing reactions, you need to visit a doctor and have an acrylate allergy test. A test will establish if you indeed have an allergy, or if it is an irritation. Additionally, it will establish what substance is responsible for the reactions you are experiencing. Unfortunately, if it is an allergy, we will need to make sure to avoid everything that has that substance in it.
Allergies are for life, and you may need to inform your doctor every time you have any medical procedure done (dentist, orthopedic, etc.).

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