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Can I work on diabetic clients?

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Question: I have been made aware of the risks of working on diabetic hands, and was told to basically not touch them. Is this correct? I feel so sad for all the people that would like beautiful nails with this condition….

Answer: As long as the nails and skin are in a healthy condition, there are ‘restrictions’ to the treatment but are not absolutely contraindicated. So, think of what a diabetic can suffer from. That may be poor circulation, which means loss of some feeling in hands and feet, plus poor healing. Avoid using any bladed tool or sharp files so there is no chance of cutting skin. Be careful with pressure. In general, just be gentle.

For a pedicure, there are a few more restrictions. Be very careful with the temperature of the water bath. No blades. Extra care when removing callous so do not remove it all, leave a thin layer in place. Be gentle when massaging.
Otherwise, a diabetic can enjoy nail services (of the gentle kind).

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