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Can nail products repair the nail?

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can nail products repair the nail?


How about products that say they can repair the nail and yet are placed under UV? For example, base coat repair systems or those that claim to seal together the layers of the nail plate?


There is a lot of confusion about these types of products. Not surprisingly, several products exist which can indeed repair “physical” damage to the nail plate. Cosmetics can appropriately claim to repair physical damage or to improve the physical condition or appearance of the nail.  Cosmetic products, including nail enhancements and coatings, can stop cracks, fill in grooves or pits, and repair peeling nails, as well as prevent these from occurring and protect the nail plate from damage. These are all proper cosmetic product functions. However, they can NOT claim to treat, reverse or prevent any medical conditions. 

Only medical drugs or medicines can perform these functions. 

There is a big difference between the “physical” condition and the “medical” condition. Be careful not to confuse these. Cosmetics are NOT medical drugs or medication and can’t claim to be.  Medicines prevent infections, cosmetics do not. 

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