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Is an E-File safe to use?

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Is an e-file safe to use? Blog image

Question: So an e-file, every nail technician’s favorite tool. I was taught by a very known Nail Brand that an e-file is the worst thing for the nail industry yet it is so common to use. Now my question is…. Is it safe to use? Can you use it on the natural nail plate and for preparation?

Answer: Most things are safe to use in the trained hands. But it is very quick and far too easy to seriously damage the nail plate with an e-file. There are safe ways to use an e-file for preparation. However, modern overlays need little if any buffing of the nail plate. A few quick strokes of something as gentle as a white block buffer.

There are many courses available but several go as far as the ‘Russian Manicure’. Some believe this is good but the science of anatomy and physiology tells a very different story.

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