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What is the difference between Fiber Base and Normal Base?

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What is the difference between fiber base and normal base for underlaying the natural nail plate in the gel line? Which gives more strength to natural nails?


In the context of underlaying the natural nail plate in the gel line, the terms “fiber base” and “normal base” typically refer to different types of base coats or base materials used in gel nail enhancements.

1. Fiber Base: Fiber base is a type of base coat that contains fine fibers or additives, such as fiberglass or silk. These fibers are designed to provide additional strength and reinforcement to the natural nail. When applied, the fiber base creates a durable layer that helps prevent cracking, lifting, or breaking of the gel enhancement. It adds structural support and can be beneficial for clients with weak or brittle nails.

2. Normal Base: The term “normal base” is a bit more general and can refer to a standard base coat used in gel systems without any specific reinforcing fibers or additives. A normal base coat typically acts as a bonding agent between the natural nail and the gel overlay. It helps promote adhesion and enhances the longevity of the gel manicure. However, it may not provide the same level of strength and reinforcement as a fiber base.

In terms of strength, a fiber base generally offers more reinforcement to the natural nails compared to a normal base. The added fibers or strengthening agents in the fiber base create a sturdier foundation, reducing the risk of damage and improving overall nail durability. This can be particularly beneficial for clients with weaker nails or those who are prone to breakage.

It’s worth noting that the actual strength and performance of any gel nail enhancement also depend on other factors, such as the quality of the gel products used, proper application techniques, and nail care habits. Consulting with a professional nail technician or following manufacturer recommendations for specific products is always advised to achieve the best results and maintain nail health.

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