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Do you know if soaking fingernails in warm avocado oil can stain your nails yellow?

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Soaking fingernails in warm avocado oil is not typically known to stain the nails yellow and it’s a little difficult to answer this question without giving you more information – lets explain why.

Nail plates are individual things that may or may not be porous, if the nails are porous some people may experience slight discoloration.

Avocado Oil if not pure but mixed with other essential or basic oils could also contain coloring and additives containing pigment (some manufacturers do this to maintain the color of the oil after a period of months), this could also cause staining of the nail plate but then we would also expect to see some coloration staining of the surrounding skin.

If the nails had a nail coating on, maybe a red or blue it’s possible that this product caused the discoloration and not the avocado oil.

Its also possible that the nail plate has a colored hue that is accentuated by the warm oil making that color suddenly more noticeable.

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