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What about clients with a history of skin cancer?

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I’ve read your reports and understand that UV nail lamps are safe for my clients. But, what should I tell someone with a history of skin cancer?


This is a great question. I talked in detail about the safety of all nail lamps in another question.  Scientific evidence shows these lamps are safe as used. Some clients are likely to remain skeptical and may wish to cover the back of their hands with an opaque cloth or other material. That’s OK! There are a variety of solutions. I’ve seen special UV-blocking disposable gloves, which are now sold to salons that are extraordinarily effective at completely blocking UV. Of course, a 15+ SPF broad spectrum sunscreen will also virtually eliminate UV exposure. In the case of a client with a previous history of skin cancer, I’d recommend any of the solutions above which will block UV exposure and should give this person peace of mind. Since this is likely an ongoing medical issue, they should seek the advice of their physician before considering an activity, indoor or outdoor, that involves UV exposure, including UV nail services.

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