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Removing undercured gel

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Removing undercured gel

Question: I have recently done the Nail Knowledge diploma and it covered how undercured gel can cause a reaction when being removed. Does this mean we shouldn’t remove others’ work as we don’t know what they may have used or if their lamp is old? I think I will have to turn away a lot of work if this is the case.

Answer: I do not believe this needs to be the case.
There is a chance that removing a nail coating applied by someone else could release unreacted monomers
But, if you are wearing gloves and your client goes to wash their hands immediately after removal, you should both be protected. Minimal contact with the skin should not cause a problem.
If you are buffing or e-filing off then a good extraction system is essential as it can put unreacted monomers into the atmosphere to be breathed in.

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