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Is there such a thing as a Universal acrylic nail powder that works with any monomer liquid?

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The short answer is NO!  

Does a Universal acrylic nail powder and monomer liquid exist?

I really love monomer liquid and polymer powder technology (aka L&P).  I think it is superior over all other nail systems, due to its tremendous versatility for many types of nails. However, this type of nail coating is more technically challenging to use correctly and there are many things to know so they can be used wisely and safely.

Nail Powders (polymer powder) contain varying amounts of benzoyl peroxide (BPO), which controls the curing process.  Small changes in the amount of BPO create big changes in how nail products will cure.  Too much BPO can cause over-curing which is often seen as overheating, brittleness and discoloration. Too little BPO leads to under-curing which can lead to adverse skin reactions or skin sensitivity. This sensitivity is caused by trapped monomer in the filings left over when too much monomer liquid is in the bead. 

Prolonged/repeated exposure to this can cause skin sensitivities. Just as UV gels must be properly cured, so must all types of artificial nail coatings, including monomer liquids and polymer powders and colored polymer powders. They need to have the correct concentration of BPO to properly cure.

The best way to achieve this is to use the correct powder- the one that was intentionally designed to work with the monomer liquid of your choice.  Also, it is very important to use the correct ratio of monomer to polymer- a medium dry bead, never wet or runny. The runnier the bead, the more monomer that’s left in the nail coating, as well as the dust created when the nails are filed. Uncured monomer may be trapped inside dust released when the enhancement is filed.  

Using the wrong powder can alter the amount of BPO in the bead and this can significantly increase the risk of adverse skin reactions for nail professionals, so great care should be taken. In short, monomer liquids and polymer powders are a matched pair that should never be parted- if the goal is to work safely- and that should be the goal for ALL nail professionals.

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