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What size brush to use?

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Question: What size brush do you recommend using with liquid and powder systems?

Answer: Avoiding skin contact with a monomer liquid is important to prevent adverse skin reactions. When overly large brushes are used, skin contact becomes very difficult to avoid, especially on smaller nail plates.  Also, it becomes much harder to keep from using too much monomer liquid.

Why? The belly of the brush will hold too much monomer which is injected into the enhancement when pressed against the nail. To avoid this, squeeze out any excess by wiping the belly against the dappen dish rim.  

Don’t wipe out the excess monomer on a table towel.  Laying arms on the towels can cause allergic skin reactions.  

With any nail product, I recommend a #8 size or smaller brush.  Some can use a #10 brush without overexposing the skin but greater care and attention are needed to prevent using too much monomer.  I don’t recommend brushes larger than a #10. In my view, that’s trouble waiting to happen.

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