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Skin Cancer and UV Lamps - Is it Safe?

Skin Cancer and UV Lamps: Professional Responsibility and Client Safety


Skin Cancer and UV Lamps: Professional Responsibility and Client Safety

We get this query quite a lot: Is it safe to put your hands or nails into a nail lamp after being diagnosed with malignant melanoma skin cancer? This is a critical question that raises important considerations regarding professional responsibility and client safety.

Clients diagnosed with skin cancer have a medical condition and their doctor should determine if this is safe or hazardous for their patient. The doctor’s decision would be based on the patients’ medical history. I do NOT think this is a decision that a nail professional should ever make, because it is a medical choice, not cosmetic.  

Navigating Client Requests: Upholding Professional Judgment and Safety Standards

What if the “patient” wants to be a nail client and insists that you do the services? That’s a little more difficult to answer.  Please understand this, a client can NOT sign away or give up their right to have a safe service. In other words, a client can’t permit you to do something that goes against your professional judgment, if you believe it would be harmful or highly risky or potentially dangerous. The customer is NOT always right.

Prioritizing Client Safety

Consulting with Healthcare Professionals for Informed Decisions

As a professional, you are always responsible for working safely and protecting the client’s health. So, if an unhealthy condition exists, you should refuse the service. My guess is that most doctors, out of an abundance of caution, would likely advise against exposure to UV nail lamps. But some may recommend protecting the hand with a cover or SPF lotion. Or a disposable UV shield hand shield/glove can be extremely effective in blocking virtually all UV exposure. That’s why it’s always very important to get the doctor involved when clients are making such choices.

Don’t go around the doctor, remember, you’re working on their patient- it’s not just your client any longer.

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