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Understanding Nail Product Claims in the Beauty Industry

Understanding Nail Product Claims in the Beauty Industry


The beauty industry is flooded with products promising miraculous results, from faster nail growth to unbreakable strength. But how much truth is there in these marketing claims?

We frequently receive questions about the effectiveness of nail products, especially those that claim to strengthen nails or prevent breakage.

A typical example of a query we encounter a lot is: “I read in your book that nothing you can apply to the nails will make them grow faster or stronger, as this is determined by the nail matrix. However, some nail products claim to fuse together the nail plate layers to protect the nail and prevent cracking and breaking, stating that when they are used, the nail plate is stronger and grows longer. Is this a false claim? How could they possibly work?

We’ll also provide tips on how to interpret these claims accurately and when it might be worth reaching out to manufacturers for clarity. Let’s clear up the confusion on the above question and ensure that you’re fully informed about what you’re applying to your nails.

Decoding Cosmetic Claims: Strength vs. Growth in Nail Care Products

I hear this question a lot and it is a constant source of confusion.  Cosmetic products can NOT legally claim to make the nail plate grow faster, but that is not what these products are claiming to do.

When you carefully read the claims, and take the time to understand what is really being said, this becomes clear. These products don’t claim to make the nail grow faster. But they do claim to make the nail stronger.  These products reinforce the nail plates making them stronger which prevents them from breaking, so they can naturally grow longer.  Grow is the key word here.

Cosmetics can’t and don’t affect the way the nail plate grows. But they can reinforce the existing nail plate to make it stronger, so it can naturally grow longer. That is hugely different than saying the product makes the nail grow faster, which would be a false claim. Instead, these products claim to make the nail plate stronger, so it won’t break and can therefore naturally grow longer.

I think this is a valid claim. It pays to carefully read marketing claims to make sure you properly understand what’s being said and if you don’t understand, I suggest contacting the manufacturers to ask for a better explanation that you can understand.

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