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Why Nail Training and Dedication Are Essential for Success


Breaking the Nail Industry Myths: Why Nail Training and Dedication Are Essential for Success

As an educator for the nail training industry, let’s explore common statements I hear in the nail community;

1. “I can’t afford the nail training.” (but you buy all the latest gel collections)

You will never earn a decent salary while you buy all the shiny things and don’t invest in knowing everything about them to be a master of your craft.

2. “Training is too expensive; I can’t justify the cost.”

While training may have an upfront cost, it can lead to higher earning potential and a more fulfilling career. Think of it as an investment in your professional growth and salary capabilities.

3. “I only do a few clients; It’s not worth doing more training.”

You may have a few clients, but to be desired by the masses you need knowledge and skill. Be one giant leap ahead of your competition.

4. “It’s not my main job; I don’t need to know everything”

Yes, the nail industry is great to fit around family demands, not to mention an enjoyable craft, but it’s far more than a side hustle. Be taken seriously as a nail professional, never be the person who ‘just paints someone’s nails’.

5. “I’ve been doing this for years; I already know it all.”

In any industry, knowledge and techniques evolve over time. There is new terminology, innovation, not to mention new product discoveries. Staying updated and continuing to learn can help you refine your skills and adapt to changing trends.

6. “I can’t find the time for training; my schedule is too busy.”

Investing time in training now can lead to increased efficiency and effectiveness in the long run. Consider it an investment in your future success, work smarter not harder.

7. “I watch a lot of online tutorials; I don’t need formal training.”

Online tutorials can be helpful, but they may not provide the comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience that formal training offers. Generic how to’s and videos are very practical but may not be specific to all the different brand capabilities. Nor do they cover the theoretical knowledge needed to empower a nail professional.

8. “I’m too old to learn new techniques.”

Age is not a barrier to learning and improving your skills. Many successful professionals continue to learn and grow throughout their careers.

9. “I’ve had a bad experience with training before; it’s not worth it.”

Not all training experiences are the same. And it pains me to say that not all courses are created equal. It’s important to research and choose reputable training programs that align with your goals and needs.

10. “I’m comfortable with my current skills; there’s no need to change.”

Complacency can hinder progress. Bad habits creep in and many do npt even realise they are there. Embracing new knowledge and techniques is empowering. It can lead to growth of your business, increased client satisfaction and the overall reputation of a nail professional.

11. “I don’t have access to quality training in my area.”

while access to in-person training may vary by location, there are often online courses and resources available that can provide valuable education and skills enhancement.

12. “I’m afraid of failure or making mistakes during training.”

Mistakes are a natural part of the learning process. At some point in everyone’s career a mistake will happen, even some become ‘happy mistakes’; a nail art design gone wrong could result in an unexpected work of art! Training provides a safe environment to make and learn from mistakes, ultimately improving your skills.

This mindset will forever hold a professional back, addressing these excuses can help individuals in the nail industry recognise the value of ongoing training and personal development.

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