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How are Nail Professionals educating their Clients?


I often get my ‘blog inspiration’ from social media and the questions that are being asked.

How many posts do we see where someone asked “Why is this happening? It’s chipping, but it doesn’t happen to any of my other clients” Really?

Not every system or service suits all clients! It really is a case of understanding the condition of each client’s nails.

For example, a weak and bendy nail is unlikely to hold onto any basic UV gel polish. The client may have nails like that to start with BUT if the nail plate is buffed on every reapplication, then it will keep getting thinner and thinner! What could have worked at the start will now no longer work.

Modern UV gel products have superior adhesion and do not require buffing/etching! Why would you continue to compromise the quality of your clients’ nails?

Maybe the quality of your clients’ nails need some extra help with strength by using a ‘builder’ first. Again, modern builders do not need the nail to be buffed/etched!

I had a question just the other day: “I’ve been advised to buff the natural nail with a 100grit buffer and use an acid-based primer for my UV gel polish.” NO!! This is so wrong!

Thick and strong nail plates may also not be successful with a UV gel polish. This is because the UV coating is more flexible than the nail plate, so they are not working together when they flex, which they both do all the time.

There is no ‘one size fits all’! But so many good quality brands are providing a range of products to make sure ‘one size DOES fit all’! But every nail professional need to assess the condition and quality of every client’s nails. They are ALL different.

As always, it is down to education and understanding. The same application protocol will not suit every client.

There are several ways to educate clients:

  • Do not promise what you have no control over
  • Educate clients that any coating is dependent on how they treat their nails
  • You may need a couple of appointments to understand what is right for them
  • If coatings don’t work how you expect, don’t naturally blame the client! It may be your fault by not assessing the nail condition correctly or not doing a thorough prep
  • Explain to clients what may happen and what they need to do to support your nail service
  • If clients do not use a good nail oil several times daily it is unlikely that any nail service will stand the test of time
  • Do not be scared of your clients! You are the professional and educating them from the first appointment will mean you won’t be apologising and offering free re-applications
  • If you are really confident in your service, products and preparation protocols then explain what may have happened
  • Do not accept that services can go past 3 weeks without any problems (another explanation that needs to be understood from the beginning)
  • A situation that doesn’t happen ‘to any other client’ just demonstrates that every client is different

So many of the questions I see being asked usually comes down to lack of confidence on the part of the nail professional. Again, education and understanding is key! Also, the quality of products being used. If you know what you are doing, every situation, problem and challenge can be answered to the satisfaction of every individual client.

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