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Nail oil applied directly to a fresh nail enhancement will cause lifting.

Nail oil applied directly to a fresh nail enhancement will cause lifting.


This is false when the enhancement is properly applied; if not properly applied then this can be true.

A properly applied nail enhancement

When properly applied, artificial nail coatings form a tight seal with the nail plate, therefore nail oils cannot get underneath the coating to cause separation and lifting. The benefit of these natural oils is that they can penetrate into the surface of the nail enhancement to increase the nail coating’s flexibility and durability.

Apply nail oils daily

Penetrating nail oils should be applied daily, to keep the enhancement flexible, beautiful and to condition the surrounding living tissue.

If the artificial nail enhancement was improperly applied

If this was the case then there may be small areas of pre-existing separation between the coating and the nail plate (delamination). When this occurs, nail oils may seep underneath the coating to cause lifting.

Even so, there are clear and significant benefits to using nail oils on natural nails and artificial nail coatings. If there use leads to increased lifting of the enhancements, don’t discontinue use of the nail oil. Instead, carefully reexamine your techniques and ensure you are performing careful and proper nail preparation, including nail surface cleansing and properly applying and curing the nail enhancement or coating products.

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