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2 years in the planning and making. A chance conversation between Marian Newman and Kevin Nicholls. Kevin said:”what about animated learning?” Marian replied: “Ooo, that could work!”


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overexposure and skin protection

Overexposure And Skin Protection

I was browsing through social media last night and, somehow, I ended up watching a bunch of nail-related videos. I was shocked by how many times I saw product touching (or liberally being applied on) skin. And I am talking

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COVID-19 Nail Disorters blog banner

COVID-19 Nail Disorders

Does COVID-19 cause nail disorders?The short answer is yes, it does. But let’s see what the latest scientific findings report about it. The new viral infection emerged in 2019 and quickly spread all over the globe.The initial scientific studies of

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Onychomycosis (nail infections)

Onychomycosis is caused by an opportunistic fungal pathogen.  When our guardian seals are no longer sealing our nail units (toes or fingers) or our skin is compromised in some other way, then the dormant fungi grab their chance to develop in

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Sterilization in the nail salon: Yay or Nay?

For the last two years, there have been endless discussions on Health & Safety measures and hygiene due to the pandemic. But, for decades, every country has had training courses that are clearly ‘not fit for purpose’. They do not

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Is being a teacher your next career move?

Is being a Teacher Your Next Career Move?

I am seeing a lot of social media posts asking about how to become a teacher. Many have been struggling during the pandemic that still continues. Pivoting and finding a different career route CAN be the answer. But is it

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Nail health check

Nail Health Check

We are all aware of the allergy situation. Builder products are becoming more and more popular (not always appropriately). What is also becoming more popular are coloured/opaque builders.  Here is what is also happening far too often: allowing clients to

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