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Have the courage to say NO


Before we can enhance a clients nails with one of our amazing artificial nail products its always smart to have a consultation. Its important to realise that every client is different and so are their nails.

During that consultation your client will let you know what he or she wants and you need to find out if that expectation is something you can live up to.

Your client will expect their nail enhancement to stay looking good until such time as they return to your salon, but you know your artificial nail product has a life expectancy and it could be that you cannot do what your client requires.

Listening to your (potential) client at this moment is very important.

If you are in an area where other nail salons offer nail services for less money than you or your potential client comes from a salon close to you where he/she was not happy with the results it will be important to advise him or her well.

This is the moment when you get a real return on your investment in good quality education.

We have 2 things that need to be considered:

  1. The product that we are going to apply
  2. The natural nail that we are going to apply it too

Product life expectancy

All our artificial nail products are made to be or rebalanced or removed after a certain period of time.

Our artificial nail product does not only need to match the natural nail of our client but we also need to understand the importance of replacing or rebalancing the product before it breaks down – the life expectancy of the product is important.

The natural nail

The normal natural nail moves in perpetual motion 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, growing on average 1mm a week 4 mm is a lot of mm for a nail plate especially if its weak or your client has a hobby like horse riding or even sewing.

Proper nail care and maintenance with regular oil and lotion is important and replacing product on time instead of once every 4-5 weeks is also an essential part of that maintenance.

If you cannot deliver on any of those things or that natural nail is damaged by disease you need to advise your client of this and refuse to enhance his or her nails – saying NO is really hard to do, take a deep breath and say it anyway, offer him or her support and advise them on what they can do to improve the situation, maybe see a specialist and the chances are you then have a client for life!

Success is team work between you and your client.

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