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Can I layer different products/brands?

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“I’m aware that you can’t use one brand of gels with a different brand lamp. However, I would like to know if you could, for instance, apply brand “A” base, cure with brand “A” lamp, then use brand “B” colour gel and cure with brand “B” lamp. Thanks”

We cannot comment on specific brands but we can make a suggestion.

It should be safe to use one brand’s base and cure with the matched lamp, but only if you ‘finish’ this layer by removing the inhibition layer. It will be cured and the inhibition layer will not be mixing with another brand’s product.

Whether this is effective and efficient can only be a matter of trial and error. i.e. see if it works.
But from an improper cure point of view, it will be as safe as it can be.

Remember: this is from a chemical safety point of view. Whether the application will be successful and long-lasting, that is a gamble you would be willing to take.
We do still recommend that you do not mix systems, and that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for optimum results (and coverage from your insurance).

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