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mandala stamping nail art

What is stamping?

Stamping is a nail art technique typically achieved with the use of a stamping plate with the design etched on it, a stamper to pick up the design and transfer it to the nail, a scraper to smooth out the color and remove the excess from the plate, and the color.

How do you create stamping nail art?

The quicker you work the more chances you have of a good result.

-Apply a thick line of your chosen colour along the edge of the chosen design.
-Using a scraper or a stiff plastic card (like a credit card) quickly and firmly scrape the colour over the design.
-Immediately, gently touch the clean stamper over the design to pick it up.
-Looking through the stamper to get the correct placement, roll the stamper over the nail to transfer the design.


If you are using UV gel polish, make sure it doesn’t touch the skin! (TIP: if the design you picked up is bigger than the nail, you can use your scraper to remove any excess).
Clean the stamper with either acetone (for polish) or alcohol (for UV gel polish) on a pad.
Do not use any solvents on the stamper as they will destroy the surface. The best method is to use a clothing lint roller which will quickly clean the surface.
It is best to purchase a good quality stamping plate as the laser cutting of the pattern needs to be of the best quality to ensure it is clear and sharp. The best stamper is a clear one as then the design can be accurately placed.
It is only highly pigmented polishes, UV gel polish, and loose pigments that will work with this technique as there will only be one layer of the colour.

Using stamping plates is a wonderfully quick way to create a multitude of designs. It usually takes a bit of practice to master but is worth it. There are so many techniques that can be used to create spectacular and unique designs. Many are available on social media platforms.

Remember to always follow manufacturers’ instructions, especially if using UV gel polish.

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