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What is the ideal temperature in a nail salon?

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what is the ideal temperature in a nail salon?


What do you recommend is the ideal temperature for a nail salon? And what about the humidity levels?


Without a doubt, it is ideal for salons to maintain a steady, comfortable temperature and humidity. Avoid wide swings in temperature, as they can affect products. A good ideal range is between 68-78oF (20-23oC). It is comfortable working conditions and comfortable for clients, as well.

Lower than 65oF (18oC) begins to affect cure and/or dry times, as does higher than 80oF. Cooler temperatures help improve products’ shelf-life and higher temperatures can shorten the useable life of products.

Relative humidity (RH) is the measure of the amount of water vapor in the air. 40-45% RH is generally considered comfortable in the temperature ranges mentioned above.  Lower temperature and RH are less suitable for the growth of common fungi and bacteria in the salon. 50-60% RH is considered an average comfortable zone. Above 50%-60% RH and air begins to feel increasingly moist, and higher than 70% RH promotes the growth of fungi and bacteria.

You can use a dehumidifier, however, be sure to empty, clean, and disinfect them regularly, accoring to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
I recommend that salons empty and clean humidifiers daily and then clean and disinfect them weekly.

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