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A greenie! Why? What do I do?

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In the 6 years of owning a salon, with 5 nail techs, we’ve never had a ‘greenie’ but 2 clients have presented with them this week!
1 on a thumb & the other on both pinkies. We use *** products, including disposable files/buffers, all single use. Any advice?


A Pseudomonas bacterial infection (a “greenie”) could be due to many different reasons. These bacteria usually need moisture, so it could be a case of trapped moisture between the nail and the coating.
Maybe enough time passed between the application of a dehydrator and the application of the coating that natural moisture started forming again?
Maybe there was a bit of product lifting that allowed moisture to enter under the coating?
Since we are talking thumb and pinkies, it could also be an improper hand placement in the lamp, resulting in improper curing, therefore a coating easier to have service breakdown, and allowing moisture to enter.

In any case, the way to go is to remove the coating and seek medical advice. Once a correct diagnosis has been established, then a range of therapies are available which include avoidance of moisture, topical acetic acid/hypochlorite soaks (vinegar/bleach), antibiotics, and others. The doctor will be able to prescribe the most suitable one.

Only apply a new coating once the treatment has been successful, the infection detained, and the “greenie” has grown out.

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